It is true that your LIKEaBIKE is already a unique vehicle both in terms of its unique styling and solid construction. But if you have the desire to add to its individuality there are a number of options available. The bike's design ensures all parts can be replaced if necessary ensuring a long life for your investment.

  Wooden Hopper
Stylish wooden hopper/bar box that hooks over the handlebars and fixes in place. Great for carrying toys. Beautifully made from either birch or beech to suit all models of LIKEaBIKE.
Birch: $58 | Beech: $62

Beautifully crafted, this trailer easily attaches via a leather hitch. Is available in either wooden or alloy wheels.
Spoky: $247 | Mountain: $281
Knog have produced a water resistant light with a flexible body that fits to bar diameters from 10-32mm. This light also has a flashing mode and will last for up to 160hrs when in flash mode. Available as either a red or white light.
Red | White: $21

This wooden kickstand allows your child to neatly park their LIKEaBIKE in an upright position. Made from birch or beech, it suits all models of LIKEaBIKE.
Birch: $38 | Beech: $40

  Frame Bag
Washable cloth bag with two pockets. This bag toggles onto the LIKEaBIKE frame and provides the perfect place for small items needing to be stored.
Red | Blue | Green: $36

These LIKEaBIKE gloves are a quality addition to your child’s kit and can be ordered in blue or red . The x-small (XS) gloves suit ages 2-3 years, the small (S) ages 3-6 year.
Price: $25

  Helmet (Small | Medium)
Designed and made in Germany to a high standard, these lightweight helmets feature a superb retention system which allows for quick adjustment.  The helmet is available in two sizes, small (45-51cm) or medium (51-57cm).
Pink | Blue: $67

Extended seats, mudguards, leather saddle covers and a front brake for the Jumper also available upon request.